Golden Goal HTML Email Marketing Templates

Golden Goal HTML Email Marketing Templates

With soccer tournaments right around the corner, Golden Goal wanted to put together some HTML email templates to send out information about the upcoming tournaments. Of course time was of the essence like most projects and I had only 3 days to put together 3 html email templates.

This time around with Golden Goal I wasn't given a hand drawn picture to design from (see Golden Goal Wordpress Website Updates), I was give 3 html email layouts in psd format. This made this job a piece of cake from the start. I cut/coded/tested the emails over a weekend and had everything ready to go by Monday.

After coding the templates, I provided a quick training session on updating the templates, adding images, changing text, etc.. I really like this kind of stuff because not only do I get provide a quality service with a quick turn around but I also get to teach the administrators how to update and change the templates. I find this type of experience to be extremely rewarding.

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