Five Star HVAC Website Design & Development

Five Star HVAC Website Design & Development

Five Star Heating and Cooling is a central Jersey based HVAC company. They provide services including HVAC system planning of any upgrade, complete design accountability, installation, system performance, and savings.

This project is my favorite type of web design project for a few reasons.

1. Creative Free Rein

The owner of Fiver Star HVAC gave me a few ideas of sites he liked and some colors and that was all. Designing the website was completely left to me of course with a few minor changes and requests.

2. Mobile First Design

I love designing mobile friendly websites. The challenge of creating a website that displays properly on both mobile browsers and desktop browsers is a challenge that I love to take on.

3. Website Content Writing & SEO

The toughest part of building a new website is developing content that not only reads well but fits the website properly. Using the proper headings, images, and different font styles is an integral part of writing good website content.

4. Custom Content Management System

The best part of all of this is creating a system that allows the administrator to easily add and update content. A quick training session about HTML and how to make pages look good and they were off and running.

Visit the Five Star HVAC website at

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