Website Design

How a Freelancer Calculates their Hourly Rate

October 20th | Website Design

This infographic originally appeared on CreativeLive and was designed by Rachel Frankel . Architected by Ryan Robinson .

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Searching For A New Jersey Website Designer?

September 11th | Website Design

Here are a few tips for how and where to find your New Jersey/New York website designer. Simple Google Search Simply search for your...

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Things To Look For In A Website Designer

August 14th | Website Design

Looking for a web designer is tough. There are tons of us out there and we all have our differences in approach and pricing. Here are a few...

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10 Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Website

February 13th | Website Design

Is your website outdated and old looking? Don't panic. Here are 10 quick ways to spice up your website . Fonts Web fonts will give your...

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Now You Can Have A Great Website & Get More Business

December 6th | Website Design

How Will A Great Website Get You More Business? It's simple really. Think about it like going to a restaurant. You're driving down the road...

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Why Should You Choose RU To Develop Your Website?

October 22nd | Website Design

There are Tons of Web Design Companies, Why Should you Choose RU? The task of to choosing a web developer for your project can be...

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Website Design Templates vs Custom Designs

April 11th | Website Design

Do you use templates or create original designs? This is a question that I've been asked a few times this year. And first things first, no I...

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In a hurry? Get a website in just 7 days!

January 27th | Website Design

Your Basic Business Website Can Be Live In Just 7 Days Every business needs a website and they need it done yesterday. While I can't time...

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5 benefits of a restaurant website

December 15th | Website Design

A restaurant website can be your best marketing tool "Why do I need a website for my restaurant?" . I hear this all the time. Restaurant...

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What to expect from a new website or a website redesign

December 5th | Website Design

The website development process broken down Step 1. Analysis and Planning The objective of this step is to get a clear understand for what...

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A simple, usable website is MUCH better than a complicated unusable website

November 16th | Website Design

Follow the K.I.S.S. method K eep. I t. S imple. S tupid. When it comes to pleasing customers, nothing makes them happier than being able...

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What kind of website do you need?

October 25th | Website Design

I've worked with over 20 different businesses & I want to add yours Over the past 10 years , I have had the experience of working on...

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IBM Says, "Every Dollar Invested in Ease of Use Returns $10 to $100"

September 15th | Website Design

Make Your Website Easy, Make More Money People like products that are easy to use . And when they come to your website, they expect the...

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Look Familiar? "Please Upgrade Your Browser To View Our Website"

July 28th | Website Design

Have you ever seen this message, or even worse, is this message on your website? This is a touchy subject today. With browsers changing,...

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How Well Does Your Website Represent You

June 14th | Website Design

Your Website Should Reflect the Quality, Services/Products Your Susiness Offers Many people who are looking to re-design their websites , are...

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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Appealing

April 19th | Website Design

A Good Balanced Website Is Key Consider your website as a communication tool, you want to say who you are and what you do an allow visitors to...

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A Confusing Website Is NOT A Good Website

February 16th | Website Design

Most Website Owners Don't Even Realize How Confusing Their Website Is One of the hardest aspects of developing a website is ensuring that it's...

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What Screen Resolution Should You Design For?

January 31st | Website Design

It's All About The Client's Audience With the advancement of cell phone and other hand held technologies, the need to accommodate for...

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2 great New Jersey restaurant websites

November 23rd | Website Design

Of's "25 Best Restaurants 2010", here are my 2 favorite websites 1. Frog and The Peach This is an example of a great...

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Does your website turnoff your visitors?

November 11th | Website Design

Users expect a certain experience from your website, and it's you're job to give it to them With the growth of technology and the internet,...

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5 benefits of working with a NJ website designer

November 2nd | Website Design

Are you a business owner? Do you have a website for your business? If you do, is it a good website? The most important aspect of starting...

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Interactive web design, it's a Jersey thing

October 20th | Website Design

What exactly is an interactive website? An interactive website is just like it sounds, a website that allows it's users to interact....

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Website re-design in just a few days

October 18th | Website Design

How was re-designed in a weekend In the spirit of keeping things fresh, I decided needed a face lift....

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5 tips for a great restaurant website

October 14th | Website Design

Your restaurant needs a great website Not only does your restaurant need a website , it needs a great website. Most people when looking for a...

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Everyone makes bad decisions sometimes, don't let your website be one

September 7th | Website Design

Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. From time to time everyone makes mistakes. And I know I've made...

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Get a professional website from a NJ freelance website designer

September 1st | Website Design

When choosing a NJ website designer you should consider a number of factors Choosing a professional NJ website designer can make the...

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Why does your restaurant need a website?

August 19th | Website Design

Not having a website is like having a store with no sign Potential diners are looking online when deciding ahead where to dine. They are...

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Website usability: is your website usable to your users?

August 4th | Website Design

Website usability is all about your users Website usability is about making your website easy to user for your users. Your users should be...

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Do you need a website developer or a website designer?

July 19th | Website Design

What's the difference between a website developer and a website designer? It seems pretty straight forward, a developer develops and a...

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Should I redesign my website?

July 8th | Website Design

How do you know if a website redesign is needed? If your website: has old content is not W3C compliant uses a table based layout is...

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10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Designing a Website

June 25th | Website Design

A good plan is key for any website endeavor Many website design companies make the mistake of starting a website without a clear plan. This...

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