Does your website make your phone ring?

October 2nd | Marketing

Your website is your number 1 marketing tool. It's cheaper than other methods, can be changed easier, and is available 24/7 365. That being said, it should be getting you more business inquiries and making your phone ring.

Here are 5 tips to help your website make your phone ring more.

1 - Place Your Contact Info Front & Center

Have you ever visited a website and wanted more information but could't find where to get more information? It's amazing how many website owners only include contact information buried on a contact page or in the footer.

You want customers calling you so you should have your phone number in a place the can easily see it. Place your number in your header in a large font along with an option to submit a contact form. You'll be surprised the difference this simple change can make.

2 - Tell Your Visitors to "Call You NOW!"

It's the oldest trick in the marketing book. You need to tell customers what you want them to do. Terms like "Call Now", "Schedule A Free Consultation" will attract attention and get customers to act. Adding an action near your phone number will encourage your visitors to take action to get what they want in turn getting you what you want.

3 - What's In It For Them?

No customer is just going to call you out of the blue unless they have a good reason. Most people don't want to call you because they don't want to hear your sales pitch. Tell them exactly what they will get for calling you. Offer a free consultation or to answer questions they may have about your product. Include words like no-obligation and free to further enforce that you will not be trying to sell them anything but provide additional information for what they need.

4 - Make A Local Connection

Local is king. Most people want to do business with local companies. Knowing you are local to them offers comfort to potential customers. Let visitors know where you are located using tools like Google Maps. This will also benefit you as customers in your area will contact you and customers outside your range of service will not.

5 - Offer Multiple Contact Options

People don't like calling you because they don't want to hear the sales pitch they are used to hearing. Offer atlernative methods of connecting with you such as social media, contact forms or a live chat option. Having multiple contact options for your customers will make them feel more comfortable about contacting you and get the information they need in order to make the decision to buy from you.

So is your website making your phone ring? These tips can help make your phone ring. A simple phone call or contact form submission can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to your businessContact me today and let's work on a plan to add these elements to your website and start getting you more calls.

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