RU Web Development Guide: Remaining Calm

July 26th | How To's

Life is full of stressful situations that challenge our ability to remain calm. Whether you're in the middle of a creating a new website or trying to write the perfect content for your website, use these techniques to remain even-tempered.

Take a Deep Breath

Feeling air slowly enter and leave your lungs will remind you that nothing really matters because we are all just balloons that move air around.

Count to 10

Ten is the most calming number because when turned sideways it looks like a thin man sleeping on a big, round rock. He's freer than any of us.

Think about Something Positive

You'll feel better if you imagine something peaceful such as a smiling child, a clear blue sky, or a horse playfully biting his master's hand.

Repeat a Positive Mantra

Many people are soothed by chanting "this too shall pass," and others like to repeat "I'm the one in charge, I sail my own barge."

Listen to Music

For me, music is great at helping re-focus and stay on track. When things get tough a positive song can change your entire outlook of the situation.

Go For A Walk

Getting away from everything is the best way to releive stress and keep calm. You'll clear your mind and re-focus on the task(s) at hand. This is my favorite way to deal with stress.

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